Kissing Spine Treatment

Kissing Spine Treatment

Here at Cotts, horses come from far and wide to utilise our Specialist expertise investigating and treating horses with back pain, kissing spines and poor performance.

Back in 2009, Richard Coomer pioneered interspinous ligament desmotomy surgery, aka ISLD or just, ‘the snip’. The positive results and increasing numbers of horses undergoing this keyhole surgery has snowballed in the years since then. Every year, hundreds of horses are presented to Richard here at Cotts for kissing spine treatment. Although the surgery is now widely available, Richard’s unparalleled experience over the years still makes Cotts the centre of choice for treatment for kissing spines, and ISLD in particular. To help our clients and benefit horses elsewhere, Richard has put together a fairly extensive list of frequently-asked questions (FAQs).

Referral for treatment, or just a second opinion, is available. Please telephone or email for further information.

Information Document

We have created an information document which you can download here:-


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